Bungee Cord Resistance Belt For Home Gym Yoga Bungee Rope

  • $199.00
  • Save $70

  • The Bungee Cord is great and ideal for agility and plyometric training. It helps improve your agility, increase your speed, increase the Sense of balance and strengthen your speed, technique and your Body parts. It helps bring your physical skills to a new level. With this tool you could do many great exercises.
  • It's Great for Yoga, Pilates, soccer, MMA, Fencing, Swimmer,footballer and basketball player

  • Weight Class -1: 50 kg , suitable for weight 80-120 pounds
    Weight Class -3: 75 kg , suitable for weight 135-200 pounds
  • If you are above 200 pounds, you could buy an extro Bungee Cords for weight 80-120 pounds without other parts. Use them together.

  • Please select the weight section that is right for you. Too light or too heavy are not ideal. It’s ideal in the weight range.

  • The length of the Bungee Cords: 110cm
    The length of the harness: 105cm (there are two harnesses included)
    Two already installed carabiners
    Delivery included:
    1* Bungee Cord
    2* harnesses
    2* carabiners(already installed)
    1* safe Belts( Protect Leg Waist Wider Safe Seat Belts)
    1* Rotational Device (Can be rotated 360°)